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Ryan and John

Ryan Bendelow and John Chamberlin are lifelong friends that have structured their lives around maximizing hunting opportunities and traveling the midwest during the fall and winter chasing trophy whitetails....read more.

The Road


Managing hunting properties in multiple states and sometimes booking an occasional outfitter hunt allows us to show the difficulties of trying to grow, pattern, and harvest big whitetails in different areas. The hunt itself is just a small part of trying to share our passion for pursuing these animals as well as a 24/7/365 hunting lifestyle on The Road. ...read more.


Video Plus More

The Road will produce numerous original vidoes from full episodes to behind the scenes clips of where we are througout the year. In addition to our videos, we will also be publishing articles on our experiences as learn the hard way, hands-on, in the world of the trophy whitetail...watch now.

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